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Deluxe High Coverage Koi Angelfish - sm (dime-nickel size) 6 PACK

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The Koi Angelfish.  Koi angelfish must be fed foods high in carotene to keep and show off their orange/red colors.  Our Koi's were ... more info
Grand Champion Discus Granules 5oz

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Model: GC-5oz
Price: $18.95

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PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! This is the food we feed our discus.  We even crush it for very young fry.  Very high protein and mostly ... more info
Metro Double Flake

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... more info

Model: METFL-
Price: $17.95

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We start with our Medicated Cichlid Flakes with Metronidazole and doubled the medication for those extra tough times where a little extra is ... more info
Metronidazole Powder 75 grams

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Model: MET-75
Price: $27.95

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Metronidazole powder is an antibiotic (for anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoa medication used to treat a wide range of conditions internally and ... more info
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